Terms and Conditions


If you are self funding then fees need to be paid by cash or cheque at the end of each session. Invoices can be sent if required.

If fees are being paid by private medical insurance the sessions would normally be invoiced directly to the insurance provider. If there is an excess or you decided to extend the therapy beyond the number of sessions your insurance will authorise, you will be invoiced accordingly and this portion will be your responsibility. Please also note the cancellation policy. Sessions missed or cancelled are not covered by private insurance, so if you miss or cancel a session with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged for the session at the full rate.

If additional consultation by telephone or email is required this may be discussed at the session and will be charged at the normal fee rate on a pro rata basis.

Late or missed sessions / cancellation

As your session has been booked for you, if you are late it may not be able to be extended and your session will consist of the remaining allocated time. If you would like to extend a session the additional time over and above the time booked is payable.

If a session needs to be cancelled, please provide 48 hours notice (two working days). If less than 48 hours notice is provided then the session fee will be charged. If you need to cancel or change an appointment please contact me.


Your confidentiality as a client will be strictly observed in all circumstances, except where I believe that there is a significant risk of harm to yourself or others. If a circumstance should arise, I have a legal duty to break confidentiality and contact an appropriate body or organisation. This step would only be taken after careful consideration and with your knowledge and if possible with your consent.

Psychologists are required to attend regular clinical supervision sessions in order to maintain the quality of their work. Individual issues are discussed but confidentiality is maintained. Clients are not identified and personal information is kept to the minimum necessary for clinical understanding.

If you are using private medical insurance, I may be required to provide brief progress reports to the referrer and/or your GP, and information necessary for the authorisation of treatment and processing of invoices by your insurer. This is kept to the minimum necessary.

Data Protection

My practice is registered under the Data Protection Act. Consistent with professional practice, I will keep brief notes about sessions and hold records of bookings, payments and correspondence and emails you may send me. These are held securely for up to seven years after the end of therapy, at which time they will be securely destroyed.

Dr Julia Heath

  • (BSc, PGDipCBT, DPsych, CPsychol)
  • Chartered Counselling Psychologist
  • BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist