Couple Therapy

I have worked with Couples since 2014. Relationship difficulties can arise from difficult events that happen to either one or the couple and it can add tension to the relationship. Often when one person in the relationship is struggling with anxiety or depression, it can impact on the relationship and the best way to help both individuals in through Couple Therapy.

With the particular approach to Couples Therapy that I use, there will be a four session Assessment Process. The first sessions is a joint sessions where difficulties are shared. There are then two individual sessions with each person, exploring their point of view further and their past experiences and then a joint feedback sessions which aims to share understanding and reach an agreed focus of the sessions.

Couple Therapy is ideal for adults in a relationship. You do not have to be married, or in a heterosexual relationship, but both parties need to agree that there is a relationship between them. It is not for family members (e.g. siblings or conflict with parents) or disputes with friends.

Dr Julia Heath

  • (BSc, PGDipCBT, DPsych, CPsychol)
  • Chartered Counselling Psychologist
  • BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist